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The Sebastian Personal Concierge is dedicated to providing “white glove” services specifically tailored to meet the needs of each individual home owner, whether a full or part-time resident.
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Southern States Realty Services


Southern States Realty Services (SSRS) was born out of an opportunity we observed to add further value to our community association clients. Our internal real estate professionals, who already have a presence within your community, understand the conveyance and restrictions of your community and will advocate on your behalf.

We know your community! We manage your community! We’ve been in your community and will continue to partner in the success of your community! Most importantly, we understand and have a working knowledge of covenants and restrictions and are uniquely positioned on the frontlines to support your investment and your tenants. As a staple in the area for decades, along with specific knowledge and an acute understanding of your community, our seasoned real estate professionals provide a single source for the rental of real property.

For rental property owners, we protect your investment while providing efficient and effective property management services.

– Cutting-edge technology- Vacancy listing and advertising
– Property showings and walkthroughs
– Thorough applicant screenings to ensure tenant quality
– Regulatory compliant lease preparation, execution and follow through
– Property inspections
– 24/7 coordination of and response to calls or email questions/concerns/issues
– Coordination of contractors for maintenance & repairs
– Rent & fee collections
– Owner and Tenant Portal for coordination, communication and ease of access to summary information
– Dispersal of net funds to clients
– Electronic Communication/Documentation/Disbursement Capabilities
– Lease renewals

“As a real estate brokerage, we can also help you add or sell a property to your portfolio.” ~Troy Railsback, Broker (BK3306166)

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