Financial & Administrative Support Service (FASS)
What a year 2020 has been for all of us. It seems that with each day that passes, there are new challenges facing condominiums and home owners’ associations, both big and small. Our team of professionals continue to pursue every opportunity to expand a knowledge base that assures the individual needs of each community that we serve are being met. We recognize that participating as a Board Member for your condominium or homeowners association is often a thankless and time consuming volunteer position and therefore we are offering our service and expertise for your consideration with the idea that we can make meaningful a contribution to the overall health, vitality and continuity of your community. Our service offerings can be scaled to meet the individual needs of each prospective client and can begin with our Financial and Administrative Support Services (FASS). 

The FASS offering consists of the accounting and administrative services that are required to maintain the day to day corporate responsibilities of a community association including access to all technology and web based resources to review accounts, approve invoices, make electronic payments, etc. as well as the scheduling and facilitation of all meetings, all in real time.  

Capabilities and features include the following: 


– Dedicated accounting personnel to answer questions and maintain quality control  

– Real time access to review reports in a secure environment 

– Full general ledger functionality 

– No touch paperless system 

– Electronic processing of accounts payable with full audit trail  

– Real time availability of estoppel letters, governing documents, questionnaires, etc. necessary to facilitate real estate transactions  

– Multiple free assessment payment options 


– Real time access to association financials and industry specific resources  

– Permission driven sub-groups to manage & maintain your community digitally 

– Digital archive of all paperwork associated with the community 

– Online environment to upload, view & print all meeting notes, bylaws, etc. 

– Ability to create and review association work orders  


– ACH debit at no cost to the resident  

– Ability to consolidate accounts for owners with multiple units   

– Real time access to owner specific account ledgers 

– Ability to opt in/out of various notifications (i.e. calendar event, payment posted, etc.) 

– Real time access to governing documents 


-Digital and/or print newsletters with content provided by SSMG or contributed by community member 

-Online survey capabilities including summary and analysis of results 

-Customizable websites including social media presence 

We are proud to boast a client base that includes 125 individual condominiums and communities representing nearly 16,000 assessment paying units. We believe strongly in the idea that the most successful client partnerships are those that are founded on more than just a “transactional” relationship. Many of our clients have been with us since the beginning and we would be happy to share with you some of the challenges and resulting successes that have contributed to such long lasting relationships. Please feel free to contact us directly with any questions or if you’d like to have a conversation about what opportunities may be available for us to work together.    

Board Members and Onsite Managers alike are raving about this new program. To learn more about this new service contact or 386-276-9279.