Hammock Dunes Owners Association

Hammock Dunes is a private residential gated community bordering four miles of pristine Atlantic Ocean Beachfront. Renowned for its outstanding amenities, access to two championship caliber golf courses, and stunning ocean vistas, the Hammock Dunes boasts over 1,200 members located within seventeen sub associations and neighborhoods that include single family residences, waterfront estate homes, luxury oceanfront condominiums, carriage homes, patio homes, courtyard homes and golf course villa residences.

SSMG has provided community management services to the HDOA and most of its independent sub-associations for nearly 2 decades. Having been hired originally as the developer’s representative, SSMG’s responsibilities as they relate to the HDOA have evolved in concert with the community itself.

Vehicular Access Control

In partnership with a third party independent contractor, SSMG manages the day-to-day vehicular access to the private community. Additionally, we were instrumental in the implementation and direction of a high-tech, internet based, vehicular access control system. Family members, guests, vendors and service providers become an active part of each resident’s profile that affords them the opportunity to preauthorize vehicular access without the necessity of a telephone call to the gate house. In addition to the access control system, SSMG supervised the installation of 20 high resolution cameras with live-feed monitoring and digital recording capabilities at each community gate house.

Common Area Maintenance

SSMG in concert with independent third party vendors and a highly qualified Maintenance Committee, meticulously maintains the arterial and neighborhood roadways, exquisite common area landscaping, street and low voltage accent lighting, street and roadway signage, concrete bicycle paths and walkways, decorative bridges, water features, fencing and other similar common area amenities within the private community.

CC&R Enforcement

The Association Board of Administrators, thru its partnership with SSMG, has steadfastly maintained the intended look of the private community thru the strict enforcement of its recorded Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions. The dedicated Hammock Dunes team routinely patrols, identifies, documents and equitably enforces property violations and deteriorating conditions.

Design Review Committee (DRC)

SSMG, the Declarant and active members of the Design Review Committee carefully review submittals for all new home construction and routine modifications to any existing residences within the private community. Our scope of responsibilities for DRC services routinely includes: receipt and preparation of all submittals for committee review, attendance and clerical services for the DRC during its standing monthly meeting, minutes and permanent recording of all committee action, follow-up written communication to each property owner following their submittal, routine site inspections during “construction” and a final inspection with photo documentation at the end of each property modification. Additionally, we are solely responsible for the on-going maintenance and storage of all individual property DRC files.